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Miniature Scenery Shows Off New Escalator Tile For New Paranoia


Are you ready to take your urban landscape up a level? Miniature Scenery has a new Paranoia Escalator Tile to add to your battleboard.

Miniature Scenery Show Off New Weird & Wonderful Vehicles


In the realm of strange vehicles, these have got to be some of the strangest. See what you make of this pair of new releases from Miniature Scenery starting with the Ursula Heavy Mortar.

Head To School In Miniature Scenery’s EAGLE Bus


Miniature Scenery has added another terrain piece to their collection for your Sci-Fi battlefields. While it might not seem like much it could make for quite the neat feature piece on a tabletop. See what you think of the E.A.G.L.E. Bus.

Fight Atop Miniature Scenery’s New Sci-Fi Bridge


Miniature Scenery has put together a new piece for their Sci-Fi terrain collection. This Long Bridge fits in with the rest of their collection giving you a vantage point to fire from and a place for a cinematic battle.

Miniature Scenery Head Off To Spread Peace In Their Hombi GT


Not every kit that we look at has to be massive or intricate. This Hombi GT vehicle from Miniature Scenery is somewhat unassuming but I think it would be awesome when added to a Sci-Fi setting on the tabletop.