Take A Peek At Miniature Scenery’s New Orksteady & Bebork

January 8, 2020 by brennon

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Miniature Scenery has been working on a pair of rather impressive looking MDF Kits which will be dropping into the mix for use by Ork hordes in the grimdark future. See what you make of Orksteady & Bebork.

Orksteady & Bebork - Miniature Scenery

Miniature Scenery has, up until now, offered all of their weapon options in their traditional MDF style as you can see above on the kit to the left. However, they have also been tinkering with 3D sculpting and printing and are now going to be offering up a selection of STL Files which allow you to replace specific components with ones you've printed yourself.

Orksteady & Bebork 3D Printing Options - Miniature Scenery

As you can see, this adds another little bit of detail into the mix and works a little bit better for more complicated elements of the model. There is nothing wrong of course with the MDF components and we've seen some great stuff in the past from Miniature Scenery, but this is a nice step into a new world of 3D printing for 2020.

They have said that you get the best results with SLA machines but you can also print via an FDM printer too. I'm sure those with more knowledge of this subject than me will be able to give you more insight into the best way to bring these components to life.

What do you make of the walkers with or without the 3D printed components?

"...this is a nice step into a new world of 3D printing for 2020"

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