Pre-Orders For Miniature Scenery’s HMS Siren Coming Soon

June 4, 2019 by brennon

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Miniature Scenery has finally stopped tinkering with the upcoming HMS Siren kit. Pre-orders for this mighty ship should soon be hitting their webstore so watch this space. This is a pretty crazy kit!

HMS Siren #1 - Miniature Scenery

This huge ship will be a real treasure for those looking to head out onto the high seas for a bit of nautical combat. This kit is not going to be cheap but you can actually spent a little bit of extra money to get a customised nameplate on the back of it too.

HMS Siren #2 - Miniature Scenery

The ship comes with a lot of the components you see here but you can also get a bunch of optional extras including swivel guns and a few other cosmetic upgrades to the different quarters.

The top deck also comes off so you can fight down in the midst of this ship too. I love the idea of two of these ships battling on the ocean as cannons are firing and sailors swing across for deadly boarding actions.

HMS Siren #3 - Miniature Scenery

I think this is going to be a lot of fun and folks are really going to enjoy playing around with not just the build of this kit but also the scenarios it will birth!

What do you make of the massive HMS Siren?

"What do you make of the massive HMS Siren?"

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