Tis a Sad Day as MiniWarGaming Are Closing Their Store

March 22, 2013 by dracs

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Well my friends it seems that we are reaching the end of an era as MiniWarGaming have announced that they will be closing down their store.

MiniWarGaming Store Closure Announcement

MiniWarGaming have put out a video announcing the sad news. According to the vid, there are many reasons behind the decision to close the store, with the new changes in Games Workshop policy towards online retailers being a major contributing factor in this as they have seriously restricted the products they can stock.

Now I hasten to add that MiniWarGaming will still be publishing their great hobby videos and will still be selling their Dark Potential products. It is just their store which is coming to a close.

It is really sad to see the combination of economic conditions and the changing attitudes and approaches of companies towards online retailers bring things to a stage when the there is little choice left but to close the store.

We at Beasts of War will definitely be keeping an eye out for any further announcements from MiniWarGaming and wish them luck with continuing to produce their videos and the sci-fi game Dark Potential.

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