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Minx Studios Unveil The Dragon Lord Paladin For Destiny Reins


Minx Studios have shown off a superb looking model for their upcoming Kickstarter project called Destiny Reins. The Dragon Lord Paladin does not look very pleased at all and is about to smite someone with his mighty blade…

Orcy Pirates Take Over the Seas in the Black Sailors Kickstarter


Adventures on the high seas just got a little more
interesting and a little bigger! The Black Sailors
Kickstarter by Minx Studio/Legion of the cow LTD
has 54mm orc pirates commanding the seas!

“From the deepest seas to the Sto­rm Coast,
the Black Sailors raid all in their wake. No village
or harbor can sleep in peace. The innocent live in fear
knowing their time is coming. Their assault is far
from a blade in the shadows. The waters of the
harbour tremble with their wild howls as the raid
approaches. The louder, the better. The bloodier, the better.

Minx Studios’ Fantasy Adventure Kickstarter Begins!


What do think of these heroes and heroines coming to take over your dungeons thanks to Minx Studios on Kickstarter?

Minx Studios Head Down Into The Labyrinth With New Minotaur


See what you think of this brilliant looking Minotaur from Minx Studios. I’m fairly sure this would make possibly one of the coolest role-playing miniatures out there.