Minx Studios’ Fantasy Adventure Kickstarter Begins!

May 26, 2014 by brennon

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Minx Studios launched their RPG Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter over the weekend and it looks like it's already doing very well indeed! You might remember that we showed you their awesome Minotaur last week but there are many more 30mm figures joining him on a valiant quest...

The Minotaur

This chap is still as awesome as the first time we saw him and I love the amount of movement and dynamism in the sculpt. As was stated last time being hit by an arrow fired from a Minotaurs bow must be like getting hit with a ballista! The sculpt is brilliant and a great headliner for their range.

Kickstarter Heroes

Female Heroes

The folks behind the Kickstarter have also got two sets of Adventurers to choose from of both the Male and Female variety each coming in around the 30mm or 40mm size. The different pledge levels unlock a selection of miniatures and indeed painting services as well.

Having a good look over those heroes there are quite a few of them that I'd love to be bringing to the tabletop and they appear to have catered to quite a few roles within an adventuring party so you should be able to find someone to fit your own hero.

Do you like the look of this one?

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