TANKS: The Modern Age – What’s Inside The Starter Set?

July 28, 2018 by brennon

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We gave you a teaser of TANKS: The Modern Age from Battlefront and Gale Force Nine at the start of the week and now we're delving down deeper into the game as we take a peek at what's included within that Starter Set for the new revamp of the game.

Starter Set - TANKS The Modern Age

As you'll have seen before the new Starter Set gives you a look at the M1 Abrams for the Americans and the T-64 for the Soviets.

TANK Box Rear

...but of course, you have lots more in there too!

The Important Bit - Bring On The Tanks!

Here is a quick look at both of the frames here before we check out the models themselves...

T-64 Plastic Frame

T-64 Plastic Frame - TANKS

M1 Abrams Plastic Frame

M1 Abrams Plastic Frame - TANKS

Inside the set, you will get three tanks. One of them will be the stalwart M1 Abrams...

M1 Abrams Tank #1 - TANKS

M1 Abrams Tank #2 - TANKS

...who will be going up against the not one, but two T-64 Tanks for the Soviets.

T-64 Tank #1 - TANKS

T-64 Tank #2 - TANKS

This then gives you enough of a skirmish to fight out on the tabletop as you learn the mechanics of the game and get deeper into it. The game is very easy to get into and digest as the rules only take up twenty-eight pages.

Terrain To Get Started

As well as the Tanks and the Rules you'll also get a massive array of additional bits and bobs including terrain cardboard Buildings and Forests for you to lay down on the board to make a quick tabletop.

TANKS Terrain #1

These are nice and easy to pop out and use without too much fuss. We're sure that you'll want to upgrade to 3D terrain in the future but this gives you a great starting point for someone who might not have even really jumped into wargaming before.

Terrain Card TANKS TREES

As well as the terrain mentioned above you're also going to find everything that you need to use as you upgrade and tweak your game with further expansions and the cards to play with your tanks.


As a look at what the statistics are for some of the tanks, we have the M1 Abrams here which you'll be using in your base games.

M1 Abrams Card - TANKS

As you can see this particular tank is a rather hefty beast indeed and it is more than capable of holding out against the T-64. Talking of the Soviets, here is the card for their tank...

T-64 Card - TANKS

You'll have to work together with your second T-64 if you want to focus in on the Abrams and bring it down on the battlefield. The cunning amongst you will have also noted the Crew options on the right and left of the card which allows you to personalise your tanks to fit the kind of playstyle that you like most.

As you grow and develop your force with additional expansions and the like you'll find that there are going to be entirely new tactics that you bring to the table.

A Game For Newcomers

The focus is on making the game very easy to play and open to newcomers. If you've never tried your had at Historical Wargaming this might be the in that you try which sucks you down into the vortex of modern military history!

If you want a flavour of what TANKS is all about you can watch a Let's Play of the WWII Version below.

There is PLENTY more on the horizon with some fantastic things we'll be revealing over the coming weeks including...

  • More models for the US & Soviets
  • Additional factions like the British, West Germans, and French
  • How Helicopters work in the game (yes, Helicopters!)

...and much more so make sure to watch this space.

Are you going to be checking out TANKS: The Modern Age?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below...

"Are you going to be checking out TANKS: The Modern Age?"

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