Nebula Hero Pack Slashes It’s Way Into Marvel Champions

June 18, 2021 by fcostin

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There is another hero on the way for Marvel Champions, as Fantasy Flight Games has been previewed another character to join in on the battle later this year, and Thanos is certainly going to want something to do with this opponent. Nebula is getting her own Hero Pack, and it has been designed to work closely with her sister Gamora and certainly match up well with the recently confirmed campaign expansion, The Mad Titan’s Shadow.

Nebula Hero Pack // Marvel Champions

Nebula was once created by Thanos to cause nothing but destruction across the galaxy. However she has recently been liberated and joins her sister to take on her father in some deep-seated revenge. Teaming up with not only just Gamora, but the Guardians of the Galaxy too.

Nebula has always sat on the fence as an unpredictable teammate, and her cards certainly do reference that! She has now joined the team as a playable hero with a wide range of abilities to cause some havoc to those who cross her path.

Nebula Hero Pack // Marvel Champions

As Nebula was built for destruction, that is what she practices. Nebula's combinations are deadly with her abilities certainly not letting the team down. When playing with Nebula, players will have to use strategy to manage their output, meaning the constant need for upgrades to utilise her abilities accordingly. She is a fighting machine, and she needs to be played that way. Which is incredibly intriguing!

Gamora Card Preview // Nebula Hero Pack

It would certainly be no team up if Gamora was not involved. Going back-to-back with her deadly assassin sister, the two in combination has a reason to be feared. When teaming the two together, the cards can collaborate on getting Nebula some more upgrades and allows you to boost the cards in your hand. But it is not all puppies and rainbows, there is sibling rivalry embedded so you must prepare for some internal conflict.

The new pack containing Nebula may be a perfect deck for those who are looking to add some sturdy tactics to their villainous output, and Nebula seems like the girl to do it. As the new campaign approaches, Nebula seems to be a key player in the demise of her father... if you utilise her well!

The Nebula Hero Pack is now available to be pre-ordered at your FLGS and online today. For more information on the individual cards, be sure to check out the announcement from Fantasy Flight Games.

Will you be looking into the new Mad Titan campaign and utilising Nebula? 

"As Nebula was built for destruction, that is what she practices."

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