Get Stuck Into The 2nd Edition Of Mana Press’ Tribal Wargame

April 6, 2023 by brennon

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If you've not already done so, it might be worth diving into the new 2nd Edition of Mana Press' Tribal. This 28mm wargame allows you to play out pre-gunpowder clashes between tribal nations and offers up a different approach to the wargaming we're used to.

Tribal Second Edition - Mana Press

Tribal Second Edition // Mana Press

Tribal allows you to dive into playing out Historical clashes between tribes from the Pasifika, Africa, and the American Plains whilst also diving into the Colonial and Bronze Ages. You'll also find many updated rules and mechanics for the different ways you can play games, dive into solo wargaming options and even maybe take things a little further and get "fantastical" with the addition of Shamans and the like.

If you're interested in seeing a bit more of how the game plays, you can check out a video below from Mana Press...

TRIBAL Second Edition // One Turn Playthrough

Honour is one of the core concepts of Tribal and is what drives your games. This is what determines the winner of a scenario in Tribal rather than simply killing your enemy or taking ground. Honour can shift and change during the heat of combat and you can even spend Honour to do some dirty tricks! It has some interesting vibes that take the skirmishing on the tabletop in a new direction.

Tribal Gameplay - Mana Press

Tribal Gameplay // Mana Press

If you're interested in the game, some additional reference documents are available over on the Mana Press website and if you don't want to get it from those guys, the book is also going to be available to buy from North Star Military Figures towards the end of April.

I really like the idea of diving into a game that explores different cultures and their approach to warfare. I am particularly taken by the idea of venturing into the Pacific and the Islanders that fought for control of the small outcrops of land that dot those crystal blue waters.

Could you be tempted to dive into Tribal with 2nd Edition?

"I really like the idea of diving into a game that explores different cultures and their approach to warfare..."

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