A Host Of Black Library Pre-Orders Announced

April 20, 2021 by avernos

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Games Workshop may have announced a two-week moratorium on new releases and pre-orders but the Black Library are filling that void with a slew of titles coming up for order in a variety of formats.

Siege of Terra: Mortis // Black Library

Mortis is the fifth book in the series, and the second by John French, who kicked it all off with The Solar War. The story picks up after Rogal Dorn’s daring actions in Saturnine brought the loyalist defenders of Terra a decisive victory against a traitor sortie that might have ended the war at a stroke.

Yet there is no time to enjoy their success, for Horus controls a spaceport and is bringing his greatest weapons to bear: the colossal Titans of Legio Mortis.



Inferno! Volume 6. This latest edition of the short fiction anthology contains 10 tales from the Mortal Realms and 41st Millennium, including the Black Library debut of award-winning science fiction author Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Alongside the two new books Ciaphas Cain is coming to audiobook with the novel Duty Calls. A cast of six actors bring to life over nine hours of adventure as Cain and the Inquisition take on a rebellion.

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Gotrek & Felix second trilogy-min

Gotrek & Felix Second Trilogy // Black Library

French Language Editions

French readers also have something to look forward to with three newly translated books. We start off with a compilation of the plucky pair Gotrek and Felix, as they take on a dragon, a Chaos invasion, and sinister vampires.

40K fans can also pick up Heralds of the Siege, an anthology of 16 Horus Heresy short stories that set up a whole load of characters and Legions for their roles in the battle for Terra.

Plague of the Nurglings

Younger Readers

There are also two books for young readers in the 41st Millennium, Zelia and her companions face a daemonic invasion of a forge world in Plague of the Nurglings, or if you prefer your fiction to be fantasy then Fortress of Ghosts by Tom Huddleston sees Kiri and her friends betrayed, imprisoned, and haunted by vengeful spirits.

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