Anvil Industry’s Kickstarter Funded With New Vehicle!

October 27, 2014 by brennon

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Anvil Industry's Kickstarter for Afterlife: The Shards of Liberty may be over but they also got to show off some neat looking additions to the range as it got successfully funded. See what you think of this Republic Assault Recon Vehicle and the Pulse Mechs with Flight attachments!

The Republic's Mk4 Instigator Assault Recon Vehicle

The Republic's Mk4 Instigator Assault Recon Vehicle (Components)

As you can see it's decidedly more rugged looking than the Unity Council vehicle we showed off last week. I like the buggy look and while it doesn't look too comfortable for the men riding on the back it would be quick and easy to respond once you hopped off at your destination. It also has a rather epic looking gun on the top too.

Pulse Mech Flight Packs

Have you also wanted to see your Mechs fly? Well they have also developed a neat add-on for the Pulse Mechs that give you the ability to hit the skies and then land in a new spot for better fighting. It would be cool to paint up the burn details on those jets I reckon.

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