Artel W Miniatures Tease Their New Fantasy Heroes

May 29, 2020 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has been showing off some of the concept art for their new Fantasy miniatures which are going to be dropping soon for roleplaying adventurers. We start off with their Fighter.

-5ed0ccdf1573c--5ed0ccdf1573eFighter - Artel W Miniatures.jpg

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We've seen the team at Artel W do some absolutely stunning work on Sci-Fi miniatures over the past few years so I am very excited to see what they do when it comes to the realm of Fantasy too. It looks like they've done a nice job of combining both old school and more modern ideas for their characters and I love the look of this grizzled warrior.

A Valiant Paladin

As well as the Fighter, we also got a look at this larger-than-life Paladin who is going to be doing his best to uphold the strictures of his temple.

-5ed0cce27df37--5ed0cce27df38Paladin - Artel W Miniatures.jpg

Again, this is a nice mix of different styles when it comes to armour design and overall aesthetic. There is something of the Dungeons & Dragons in there but also a little bit of World Of Warcraft too. I think that comes mainly from those massive shoulder pads!

A Grizzled Barbarian

Finally, for these first three previews at least, we also got this Barbarian who has come down from the mountains to smash around a few lowlanders!

-5ed0ccdd09a08--5ed0ccdd09a0aBarbarian - Artel W Miniatures.jpg

Again, a nice mix of classic and more modern interpretations of the Barbarian for use in your tabletop games. I hope that all of that detail surrounding his accessories gets worked into the final model, as fine and delicate as it is!

These miniatures might be a little way off but I am very much looking forward to seeing what else they have in the works and where they go in terms of the different races which are available to players nowadays. I'd love to see how they tackle Dragonborn for example.

What do you think?

"I'd love to see how they tackle Dragonborn..."

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