Asmodee Launch New Accessory Studio Gamegenic

May 29, 2019 by cassn

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Asmodee have announced the launch of their new studio, Gamegenic, focused on the production of quality gaming accessories for various games and licensed products.


The Gamegenic studio will be focused on the production of a range of accessories including classic storage boxes, sleeves, playmates, albums and dice sets. The company's key focus is on the delivery of "Ingenious Supplies". Director Adrian Alonso has stated that:

Gamegenic will offer accessories both familiar and never-before-seen, which will always stand out thanks to their unique ideas and extraordinary features,” he says. “We develop premium accessories in every price segment and thus appeal to both newer players and long-term collectors. We are very proud to be part of the Asmodee Group and to work directly with a wide portfolio of excellent games and wonderful licenses.”

Gamegenic will take over accessory production for all of Asmodee's current game lines, including Fantasy Flight Games and Blackfire. Indeed, for a company which continues to expand rapidly globally, a dedicated accessories studio is a natural progression. We can't wait to see just how ingenious these new supplies are! Check out the official announcement here.

What storage solutions would you like to see added to the market? Tell us your ideas below!

"Gamegenic will offer accessories both familiar and never-before-seen!"

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