Atlas Kill Kings & Queens In New Gloom Of Thrones Card Game

January 4, 2019 by brennon

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Atlas Games are building upon the world of Gloom with a new spin-off standalone card game, Gloom Of Thrones. It is set for a release sometime this year in 2019.

Gloom Of Thrones - Atlas Games

Much like the original game of Gloom which was all about making your own characters lives as terrible as possible, you'll be trying to do the same to your own ruling monarchs in Gloom Of Thrones. You'll be doing this whilst also trying to make sure that your opponents have wonderful happy lives too, telling stories as you do.

Once you've got your characters suitably downtrodden and morose you can then kill them off for points. The player with the lowest-scoring family is then the winner!

I like this twist on the format and it will be fun to see what Atlas Games do with the game's aesthetics too. I really like games like this where you have to tell a story alongside the gameplay.

Have you played the original Gloom?

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