Battle Kiwi Organise All Your Marvel: Crisis Protocol Bits & Bobs

January 27, 2020 by brennon

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Battle Kiwi has added a new piece of kit into the mix for those playing Atomic Mass Games' Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The Marvelous Battle Box is a great way to store your tokens, measuring sticks, character cards and more.

Marvel Battle Box #1 - Battle Kiwi

The lid for the set either comes with the Star Shield design which you can see above of the TentiSkull option which is much more suited to those who like playing as the villain of the piece. Of course it comes unpainted but you could easily get stuck in and paint up the design if you really wanted to.

Marvel Battle Box #2 - Battle Kiwi

The different levels of the box then allow you to store all of the tokens from the core box, your dice (plus a tray which might also be usable in-game) and then the cards which you'll have on hand for objectives and the like.

You've also got a way to track your points in-game and keep your templates in order. I like that the counter for your victory points is modelled after a certain gauntlet which is very sought after! Again, a little bit of paint and this would pop!

Marvel Battle Box #3 - Battle Kiwi

Finally, you've also got the sections which allow you to sort and organise your heroes and villains alongside their power and such. These are very nicely done and look like they would be very helpful for stopping everything drifting everywhere when you're playing a game!

Marvel Battle Box #4 - Battle Kiwi

If you've got lots of stuff sorted ahead of time then it means playing the game is at the forefront of your mind. The entire set is stackable as you can see above too meaning that it should be nice and easy to store as well.

When it comes to picking up some nice accessories for your games, Battle Kiwi has been on form recently. They did some great stuff for Black Seas and this is another string to their bow!

What do you think of the new set?

"When it comes to picking up some nice accessories for your games, Battle Kiwi has been on form recently..."

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