Black Scorpion Miniatures Defend The Knights Citadel

August 16, 2019 by brennon

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Black Scorpion Miniatures are looking to defend the domain of Breninmoor with the addition of the City Guard Of The Knights Citadel this week.


This gang of Elite Knights are some of the most feared, respected and elite elements of the King's Guard and make sure that the interests of the monarch are kept in order. You could imagine these fellows wandering the streets keeping the peace and also standing like statues in the palace, making sure anyone who approaches is kept under constant vigil.

I like the designs for their arms and armour here and this band would make a very cool elite force to use in a skirmish game, especially alongside the Grand Master Of The Knights Citadel. Maybe this could be a nice way to look back towards the Old World and the Empire too.

What do you make of this set of four miniatures?

"Maybe this could be a nice way to look back towards the Old World..."

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