Hit The Black Seas With Warlord Games’ USS Constitution

October 28, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has been showing off a new US ship which will be entering the fray for Black Seas in the future. The USS Constitution is currently available for pre-order over on their webstore.

USS Constitution #1 - Black Seas

Rather than me get the historical details wrong, here is the background you need from Warlord Games themselves...

"USS Constitution was one of six Heavy Frigates commissioned by the United States Congress in 1794 to protect American shipping against Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean. These frigates were designed to outmatch the frigates of any other nation while remaining nimble enough to slip away from larger ships-of-the-line.

Revolutionary construction techniques gave the six frigates much thicker hull planking than their British or French equivalents, allowing them to soak up a tremendous amount of punishment. It also allowed them to carry a much heavier armament relative to their size, as seen by the arrays of 24 and 32-pounders carried on the 44 gun vessels."

To this end, the USS Constitution should be in the thickest fighting when you get it to the tabletop. The way it had been constructed meant it was incredibly survivable and could maintain her course under withering fire whilst also unleashing her own guns on the opponent.

USS Constitution #2 - Black Seas

She could seriously hold her own in frigate-on-frigate action and could easily tie up most of a fleet whilst the rest of your ships strive to move into more advantageous positions.  She is a particularly special looking ship and I like that they've gone to the extra effort of inscribing the name on the back.

Are you tempted to take to the seas with a US ship?

"I like that they've gone to the extra effort of inscribing the name on the back..."

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