Bring Your Pulp Adventure to Sally 4th’s Warehouse

September 15, 2014 by dracs

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One of the mainstay locations of pulp adventures is, of course, warehouses, whether this be for a clandestine meeting for gangsters or a secret meeting place of a local cult. Now Sally 4th have built their own warehouse for your own pulp games.

Sally 4th Warehouse

Sally 4th Warehouse Interior

Sally 4th Warehouse Exterior

Sally 4th have created a variety of components, such as loading doors and wooden ramps, which can then be combined with the modular generic Terra-Block pieces to create the warehouse location your heroes and villains will be battling in. The advantage to this is that, being modular, you can quickly rearrange the terrain to help create a new setting for later scenarios.

Can you come up with an interesting gaming scenario for this warehouse set?

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