British Shock Troops & Walkers Strike For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47

June 17, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games is expanding the options for British forces in Konflikt '47 with their new British Grenadier Section, armed with the newest of technology.

British Grenadiers - Konflikt 47

Armed with the best weapons and technology available thanks to the Rift Research Department they have access to rather modern looking night vision goggles and powered up rifles.

British Grenadiers (Rear) - Konflikt 47

This is an elite shock force that would be best deployed right into the middle of enemy territory, disrupting their operations and causing a nuisance. Rules for them can be found within the Resurgence book which came out not long ago.

By Merlin's Beard!

As well as these soldiers there's also a new walker option for the British. Check out the Merlin Heavy Walker.

British Merlin Heavy Walker - Konflikt 47

With a mixed crew of both human and robot, this combines the best of both worlds. It is able to rely on human decision making and tactical thinking whilst also benefiting from automated sensors and weapon lock-on.

This is another step forwards in rift technology from the British, giving you access to a deadly walker which is capable of popping tanks and infantry with equal amounts of ease.

Will you be adding these to your British force?

"With a mixed crew of both human and robot, this combines the best of both worlds..."

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