Use the Chain of Command in Star Wars: The Card Game

November 11, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Fantasy Flight Games just released the 5th Force Pack in the Rogue Squadron Cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game. Say hello to Grand Admiral Thrawn!

SW Chain of command pack

“I am Grand Admiral Thrawn, warlord of the Empire, servant of the Emperor.”

–Grand Admiral Thrawn

In this expansion, you can fly with the swoop gangs of Nar Shaddaa or break through an Imperial blockade with the Smugglers and Spies. You may mire your opponents in endless bureaucracy, or watch the beginning of Luke Skywalker’s journey with his uncle, Owen Lars. No matter which path you take, the cards in Chain of Command offer new strategies for any faction.

SW COC cards

In addition to some really awesome cards for your game, you have the bonus of 2 new objectives: the Grand Admiral Thrawn objective and the Chain of Command objective.

SW COC grand-admiral-thrawn

SW COC event chain-of-command

The beauty of the Force Packs is not only the addition of the new objectives, but the interesting card synergies that go along with them.

Will you be using the 5th Force Pack in this series to control the Chain of Command?

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