Get Introduced To The Chronicles Of Darkness By The Hunger Within

January 12, 2019 by brennon

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Darker Days Radio's Chris Handley has released a new scenario to the Storyteller's Vault called The Hunger Within which introduces players to the Chronicles Of Darkness but is equally at home as part of an established story too.

The Hunger Within - Darker Days Publishing

The Hunger Within is for three to four players and follows them as they learn of the disappearance of a sibling in the quaint English town of King's Well.

"The Hunger Within taps into the themes of folk horror. The players take the role of visitors to the town, with one searching for the missing sibling. The town is celebrating its harvest festival, and the carnival is in town too. Many legends and myths are associated with the town, and do any of them pertain to the disappearance, or is something else, altogether more sinister happening."

Hearing Chris Handley take players through both Vampire and Warhammer Fantasy scenarios already on his podcast I can safely say that this chap can write a good story, so this might be worth picking up if you want to explore this dark role-playing game on the tabletop.

Give it a look and if you do play it make sure to let us know what you think!

What have been some of your coolest World/Chronicles Of Darkness moments?

"What have been some of your coolest World/Chronicles Of Darkness moments?"

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