The Class of Crooked Dice Teach Zombies a Lesson

October 20, 2013 by dracs

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With Halloween fast approaching it is time for some more British zombie fun with Crooked Dice's expansion to the game 7ombieTV, For Ghouls and Colleges. Now a whole load more of the rowdy girls of St Searle's Foundation for Young Women are joining the fight.

Jackie Hockey Captain

Sixth Former Bookworm


Sixth Former Glamourpuss

These girls are obviously inspired by the old classic British comedies St Trinians (and their modern day cinematic counterparts). Armed with hockey sticks and short skirts these sixth formers are ready to take on the waves of flesh eating ghouls.

However, they are not alone as the girls of the fourth form are joining them also.

Violent Elizabeth

Fourth Former with Attitude

Fourth Former with Catapult

Is it just me or is that first one creepier than any zombies you might possibly end up fighting?

Will you celebrate Halloween with 7ombiesTV?

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