Grab CY_BORG, The Cyberpunk MÖRK BORG RPG Spin-Off

November 16, 2022 by brennon

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Free League Publishing has now made CY_BORG, the Cyberpunk spin-off from MÖRK BORG, available for you to snap up from their webstore. Dive into a rules-lite and as they have said "rage-heavy" roleplaying game that should be fun and stylistic to dive into.

CY_BORG Core Rulebook - Free League Publishing

CY_BORG Core Rulebook // Free League Publishing

Here is a breakdown of everything that you get inside the core rulebook...

  • A drive-by description of the megacity Cy after the Incident: from its rotting slums where gangs, cults and military corporations wage war, to the blinding scraper forests, neon cathedrals and holo-shimmering arcologies of Central and the toxic industrial hell zones shrouding it all in poisonous (but CYstainable Planet™ Certified) death smog.
  • Quick and dirty character creation where the roll of the dice determines who your punk is, what they’re capable of and who they owe money to.
  • d66 Miserable Headlines making the rounds on the news and feeds with varying regularity, each one heralding chaos and destruction wracking the city until the cataclysmic conclusion seven headlines in.
  • A minimal, simple system designed to stay out of the way and to be easily modded and customized. Rulings before rules. MÖRK BORG at its core, with a few tweaks and updates.
  • Optional rules and tables: Add tactical crunch to your violence with combat mods for cover, suppressive fire and more. Six classes for your class war, including the Forsaken Gang-Goon, the Shunned Nanomancer and the Renegade Cyberslasher. Tables adding depth and character to your punk, such as Style, Quirks and Current Obsession.
  • Random Generators facilitating near-endless play: missions, locations, corporations, cults and npcs populating the accelerating apocalypse.
  • Equipment (of varying legality) like guns and specialized ammo booster plug-ins, intelligent body armor, cybertech, decks fitted with custom Apps, and almost-controllable Nano powers with their latent infestations.
  • 25+ foes to fight. From the countless soldiers of the SecCorps and gangs to corrupted Nanophreaks, soulless drones and cydroids, state-of-the-art combat vehicles and the ethereal, digital apparitions classified as Ghosts.
  • The introductory heist Lucky Flight Takedown. Scope and infiltrate the Lucky Flight Casino, clear the debt data and/or shut the whole operation down. Should be a quick and easy job, right?

I like that it uses the very modular elements of MÖRK BORG as its core meaning that if you like those rules, these should be quick and easy to get your head around. I like that there is a lot more depth worked into the system as well when it comes to making you feel like it's a proper Cyberpunk game rather than just a reskin.

It's also a bonus to have the introductory mission in the mix so that you can get started right away. Infiltrating somewhere always goes well in roleplaying games.

You can also get your hands on a neat extra Asset Pack for CY_BORG which might enhance your enjoyment of the game at the tabletop.

CY_BORG Asset Pack - Free League Publishing

CY_BORG Asset Pack // Free League Publishing

Inside this set, you're going to get your hands on...

  1. A high-res map of Cy with its sectors and blocks, and a summary of its most prominent corporations and cults. For target practice.
  2. A fillable character sheet.
  3. The Location Pad; 34 one-page locations with adventure hooks, random encounters, secrets and loot.
  4. The one-page adventure Reaper Repo. Approach the killmatch champion Steel Jackhammer and recover his shiny new, and allegedly stolen, chrome legs (undamaged). There are only two problems: the legs are very much attached to Jackhammer, and he is—since two days ago—busy partying in his penthouse, along with a horde of drunk or stoned killmatch athletes, enthusiasts and other C-list VIPs. Let the party begin!

Having the character sheet and location pad in the mix is a darn good option! I don't mind having to print things off but it's always good to have character sheets to draw on. You've also got the Reaper Repo adventure which might be a good way to go after playing through that introductory adventure in the core rulebook.

Are you tempted by CY_BORG?

"Are you tempted by CY_BORG?"

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