Cyclone Of Shadows Comes To Dystopian Wars In May

May 1, 2023 by brennon

Dystopian Wars is hotting up as we move into the month of May with Warcradle Studios. Leading the way is the new campaign set which is called Cyclone Of Shadows. This should be a fun way for you to dive in and enjoy a twisting tale of naval warfare with your friends.

Cyclone Of Shadows Campaign - Dystopian Wars

Cyclone Of Shadows Campaign // Dystopian Wars

This book comes with a lot of narrative material that focuses in on events unfolding in the Dystopian Age during 1874. There are additional expansion rules for building on your games of Dystopian Wars which include getting special patronages from key characters to support your forces. You might also want to dive into battles during the dead of night as well as Desperate and Perilous encounters on the high seas.

You'll also find guidelines for putting together organised play events known as the Admirals League which should be fun for anyone who plays the game down at their local club or store.

As well as the rules, you also get a bunch of platforms that can be built in different ways plus islands, minefield and wreck markers.

New Ships!

As well as a new campaign set that you can pick up for Dystopian Wars, there are also some new ships that come as part of a Battlefleet and in Squadrons. When it comes to Battlefleets, you have the Alexayev Battlefleet Set.

Alexayev Battlefleet Set - Dystopian Wars

Alexayev Battlefleet Set // Dystopian Wars

At the heart of this set is the largest of the Ekranoplans that the world has ever seen. This was designed by Evgenievich Alexayev who won a wager with the Tzar when proving that this could indeed be a reality. This massive Heavy Transport is essentially there to provide you with a seriously badass way to unload even more firepower directly into the heart of battle.

As well as the Alexayev Ekranoplan, you also get two Cruisers, two Ekranoplan (not quite as big!), two Skydrills, two Hovercrafts and then four Escorts. If you're looking to own the skies then I reckon that this might be the way to go. Folks who dare take on the Commonwealth, beware!

If you prefer fighting for different factions then you can get the Japanese Support Squadron for example which is all about the tentacles!

Japanese Support Squadrons - Dystopian Wars

Japanese Support Squadrons // Dystopian Wars

This comes with two Japanese Submersibles alongside two Chubu Submarines, two Sakata Destroyers and also four Chita Escort Automata. Reach out and destroy your enemies with something a little bit different, putting the guns aside and keeping a focus on something up close and personal.

If you prefer big guns then you can also work with the rather fancy-looking Order Exemplar Squadron!

Order Exemplar Squadrons - Dystopian Wars

Order Exemplar Squadrons // Dystopian Wars

This set comes with two of the Lesath Exemplar Cruisers and then four Carolus Destroyers that are ready to beam your enemies to death! Some very fancy tools for those seeking to play as the Sultanate.

Could you be tempted to dive into a new narrative campaign with your friends or perhaps take to the skies with that seriously hefty chunk of resin?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Could you be tempted to dive into a new narrative campaign with your friends?"

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