Deep-Cut Design New Historical Roll-Worthy Dice Trays

May 7, 2020 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has updated their collection of Dice Trays with a set of historically themed options which would be good for those battling through different periods of time.

-5eb3ceb3a798b--5eb3ceb3a798dHistorical Dice Trays - Deep Cut Studio.jpg

There are eight new designs which work through Greeks, Romans, Celts, Vikings, Egyptians, Mayans, Egyptians, Persian and Chinese/Asian themes. So, if you're playing a lot of games which are themed around a particular time period or army, you could embellish it with some new accessories.

I particularly liked the options for the Vikings...

-5eb3cec035755--5eb3cec035756Viking Dice Tray - Deep Cut Studio.jpg

...and the Romans. I think the designs look very nice indeed and you clearly now need to pick up some suitably themed dice to roll in them!

Roman Dice Tray - Deep Cut Studio

The Deep-Cut range has always been a firm favourite of ours and we've seen them create some quality bits and pieces over the years. These dice tray designs are also very handy for travelling gamers and I have one or two in my collection for specific games.

Are you tempted to pick up one of these and if so, which one?

"Are you tempted to pick up one of these and if so, which one?"

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