Deep Cut Roll Well In Their New WWII Trays

September 19, 2018 by brennon

If you're playing Blood Red Skies right now you might want to snap up a new Dice Tray themed after your particular force of choice to help those dice roll that little bit better. Deep-Cut Studio has been working on some new trays which are emblazoned with the iconography of those particular WWII factions.

WWII Dice Trays - Deep-Cut Studio

They have designed trays for the Americans, Soviets, Japanese, British, Germans and French. Whilst all of these are perfect for those of you taking to the skies they wouldn't look out of place being used for your regular WWII games on the ground too.

British Dice Tray - Deep-Cut Studio

I recently got to go and visit Cosford and that has really ignited that part of my brain that loves planes. Of course, in honour of my Grandfather, I have to get behind the Hurricanes over those showboating Spitfires!

German Dice Tray - Deep-Cut Studio

I am therefore very tempted to snap up the Blood Red Skies starter set and maybe get a German and British Dice Tray to compliment it. Well, looks like I know what I'm doing come October!

What do you think of these new tray designs?

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