Explore The Depths With AntiMatter Games Sea Wraith For DeepWars

August 25, 2017 by thisisazrael

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AntiMatter Games have previewed a new model coming in 2018, the Sea Wraith for the Ancients of Atalán from their DeepWars game.

Now it's not often a 3D render so wholly grabs my attention as this one.

DeepWars Ancients of Atalán Sea Wraith

The Ancients of Atalán continually search for remains of their past civilization and the Sea Wraith is an example of the submersibles they use.

DeepWars Ancients of Atalán Sea Wraith Side

The Sea Wraith's form is designed with a shallow draft to help avoid jagged corals when exploring.

DeepWars Ancients of Atalán Sea Wraith Top

Inside you will be able to transport up to six troops, including the pilot and gunner.

The model will be 180mm in length and cast in resin with clear elements for the windows.

DeepWars Ancients of Atalán Sea Wraith Back

The pilot and gunner cockpit will also be detailed in the final model.

Ancients of Atalán are renowned for using advanced ether technology with precise light beams and ethereal energized projectiles.

I look forward to seeing exactly how the Sea Wraith is equipped when it hits tables.

What do you think of the Sea Wraith?

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