Defend Your Lands With Lucid’s Amazon Wardaughters

July 17, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye continues to expand upon the Ziggurat range with some more troops serving under the Amazonian Queen. Here we have the Amazon Wardaughters, armed with spears and ready to defend their homeland.

Amazon War Daughters - Lucid Eye

Inside the set you get three metal models to help build up what I would assume is going to be a group of warriors for use in the game; if indeed Ziggurat is going to be a game! This would also give you a nice clutch of characters to use when setting up an Amazonian themed warband for pretty much any Fantasy game.

A lot more variants are on the way for them too with bows and all sorts in the works. Also, as pointed out by someone on Facebook, it's good to see Amazonians in identifiably Bronze Age looking armour. It is certainly a lot more fitting to the 'period' when they would have been ranging across the world.

What do you make of these Wardaughters?

"What do you make of these Wardaughters?"

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