Adventure In D&D With Rick & Morty As New Set Releases Soon

November 12, 2019 by brennon

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Dungeons & Dragons and Rick & Morty have come together once again with a new set which follows on from the successful comic book pairing between Wizards Of The Coast and the animated phenomenon. Dungeons & Dragons VS Rick & Morty is releasing soon on 19th November.

Dungeons & Dragons Vs Rick & Morty - Wizards Of The Coast

This box takes a humorous and satirical look at Dungeons & Dragons through the lens of Rick. For example, the rulebook contained within the set to get you going is peppered with commentary by Rick, annotated in his own unique style which in some cases offers up funny jabs at the creators of the game and the stereotypes of Dungeons & Dragons. According to a few interviews the team had real fun being a little tongue in cheek with this one.

You also get inside a unique adventure for characters going from level one through to three, a Dungeon Masters screen with original artwork adorning it and also a bunch of pre-made characters and dice to get you started.

This set was also co-authored by Jim Zub (co-writer of comic book series) and illustrated by Troy Little (illustrator of comic book series) so it feels very authentic to the Rick & Morty that you've come to know from the screen.

The comic book series was good fun to read, flowing through the different editions of D&D and then turning into the way Rick wanted to play. So, it will be fun to see just how them embrace that in gameplay here as you tell a quirky new story.

Will you be giving this a go?

"Dungeons & Dragons VS Rick & Morty is releasing soon on 19th November..."

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