Draft Delicious Dice In Sushi Roll

May 19, 2019 by cassn

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You've heard of Taco Tuesday; now it's time for Sushi Sunday, as Gamewright announce Sushi Roll, the new dice-drafting follow up to their hit card game Sushi Go!


Sushi Go! is a simple-to-learn card drafting game where players are diners at a sushi restaraunt, trying to create the best combination of dishes as they whizz past. The game was an instant success when it was released back in 2013, spawning a party edition in 2016.


Now, designer Phil Walker-Harding and publisher Gamewright have joined together to produce Sushi Roll, a dice-drafting version of the classic game. While this may seem a fairly inconspicuous change, the move from cards to dice actually changes the mechanic significantly.


Instead of hidden cards, the sushi is now visible and, although it may be re-rolled, it allows the player greater tactical play when choosing what to match, while still including a luck element to their dice roll. Players also no longer choose their sushi dish simultaneously, meaning that players have greater competitive strategic options.

So if you like your sashimi with a side order of strategy, Sushi Roll is available online now through the Gamewright website.

Have you played Sushi Go! yet? Tell us what you think below!

"Sashimi with a side order of strategy!"

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