Empress Miniatures New “Thing”- M50 Ontos

September 18, 2019 by avernos

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Empress Miniatures have been firing out new Vietnamese releases like a Rifle, Multiple 106 mm, Self-propelled, M50!

Empress Miniatures ONTOS Front View

Nicknamed the Ontos, which is literally Greek for thing, it was developed as a lightweight tank destroyer that could be lifted by the US armies cargo planes. But the Army cancelled the project.

Empress Miniatures ONTOS Right Hand Side

Thankfully the Marines saw the value in six recoilless 105 mm rifles and the reports from in-country engagements were excellent. It saw service throughout the Vietnam conflict finally being withdrawn from service in 1969.

Empress Miniatures ONTOS Left Hand Side

Empress Miniatures have once again released another beautiful and unique kit and I can see a lot of US Marine players investing in this and probably a lot more of the ever-expanding range that Paul Hicks is sculpting for them.

Is the Ontos your kind of Thing?

"...the Marines saw the value in six recoilless 105mm rifles"

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