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January 19, 2022 by fcostin

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I would consider myself a conditional pacifist. I find myself building characters for RPG who avoid conflict, unless completely necessary. Just sometimes, I would love to step into a world of exploration without worrying that I could be shanked by a rogue goblin behind a shady-looking swamp.

Wanderhome Art // Possum Creek Games

A tabletop RPG has caught my eye, which brings anthropomorphic animals front-and-centre in a dice-less, GM-agnostic campaign. In a collaborative story of peace, prosperity and unity in Wanderhome.

Set in a fantasy universe, players will see their way through a narrative-driven experience with the animal folk, The Kith as they journey through the wide landscape in the wondrous world of Hæth.

Whether you want to enter the universe as an emperor penguin or a llama, players will have full control over their character before entering. Meaning whatever animal you choose - you can have! There is a wide range of archetypes to choose from when building, focussing on a moral choice regardless of your race or gender and utilising the core supplements to structure personality.

Wanderhome - Red Possum

Wanderhome // Possum Creek Games

Hæth is no ordinary universe, once home to the chaos of war, the world has now found tranquillity. Inhabitants will quite simply live in their life of calm, looking after the lands around them. Including upkeep to livestock and going about their day-to-day without the fears of a rivalling ambush pushing the story as the main motive for the RPG.

Players will not need to get their dice out for this adventure, or book a GM out! Although there is an option for a GM to be involved, the story and outcomes can be developed by the players as they explore new life and integrate themselves with nature in the world of Hæth.

Wanderhome - Red Possum Games

Hardback Books // Wanderhome

Wanderhome was a wild success of Kickstarter in 2020, but now the game has been released into retail: if you are looking for a story-driven adventure that's not hindered by a GM and the main mechanic isn't centred around conflict - be sure to check out the title at the Possum Creek Games store, whether you want a physical copy or a PDF download.

What do you think of the concept of Wanderhome? 

"Hæth is no ordinary universe, once home to the chaos of war, the world has now found tranquillity..."

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