FFG Get You Strapped Into Podracers For Star Wars: Destiny

June 6, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been previewing more of what's coming in the new Star Wars: Destiny Booster Set, Way Of The Force. The focus turns towards some interesting prequel characters for fans of Yellow and in their latest preview it's all about Podracing...

Star Wars Destiny - Fantasy Flight Games

As annoying as the little brat is, the Podracing section of Phantom Menace is probably one of the best bits of the film. So, having access to cards like these certainly does draw on one of the better aspects of those films.

Both Hero and Villain will be getting a Podracer and Pilot with Anakin being the racer for the good guys.

Anakin Skywalker - Star Wars Destiny

He is going to be very good at controlling the field and using the abilities of both his own Podracer and also any Droids you throw into the mix. He also comes with SO many resources that he could work as a bank for your group!

You will need to pair him with Blue or Red to get the most out of his Droid effect ideally, but of course, he does come with his own racer.

Anakin's Podracer - Star Wars Destiny

The discard ability with this card makes it an awesome one to pair, quite fittingly with Amidala, who is also Yellow. You could start to look towards a proper deck full of control elements, mitigation and discarding to try and filter through an opponents deck.

Away from that people have been talking about pairing him with a Jedi to keep him alive and act as the main damage dealer. You could also throw in Jar Jar Binks if you wanted to create a trio of weirdos with Anakin, Padme and Binks together!

You're Bantha Fodder!

The villains get access to Sebulba and his Podracer.

Sebulba - Star Wars Destiny

Not only is he going to be useful for protecting and controlling his own Podracer but also working out control elements on different vehicles too. Importantly, his special works across all supports in play, not just your own, pointing towards his underhanded tactics.

Sebulba's Podracer - Star Wars Destiny

He also has a lot of damage output thanks to his Podracer, which obviously works better when paired with him. These cards aren't going to be too rare either so you should have no problem being able to pull together both these characters and their vehicles.


You'll also see a lot more names and titles on these new cards, tying them into additional benefits and options as you build decks. For example, you can tie in Podracer Betting if you have racers on the tabletop...

Podracer Betting - Star Wars Destiny

There are also additional cards feeding into this so if you really push the Podracing envelope you could win big.

Boonta Eve Classic

Mos Espa Arena

These are going to be key to your tactics and should help you bring together some very fun decks, which I think is the best way to delve into Destiny. As much as I don't like Anakin...I am very much looking forward to seeing just how people add him into their decks.

What do you think?

"You could also throw in Jar Jar Binks if you wanted to create a trio of weirdos with Anakin, Padme and Binks together!"

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