FFG Update KeyForge Rulebook With Bundles Of Background

August 11, 2018 by brennon

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You can currently download both the Quick Start Rules and Full Rulebook for KeyForge. With the latest update to these documents from Fantasy Flight Games, you are now able to dive into the background of their universe and explore the fluff packed into the factions.

Keyforge Rulebook - FFG

We talked about this game in more detail over on the Weekender for this week and getting to know more about the world is something that I am intrigued by. With such a wide array of different factions in the mix, it's going to be interesting learning about how they all interact.

I'm very much hoping the deck I pick up might have a few Sanctum cards in it as I do really like the aesthetic of that faction.

Will you be buying into KeyForge when it launches?

"Will you be buying into KeyForge when it launches?"

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