The Might of France is Reinforced in Dystopian Wars

April 27, 2012 by brennon

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The Republique of France in Dystopian Wars has got a new wave of reinforcements to bring mechanised death and destruction to their enemies. Check out the new models from Spartan Games...

Check out their reinforcements on the ocean...

Republique of France - Charlemagne Class Dreadnought

Republique of France - Chevalier Class Destroyer

Republique of France - Ecuyer Class Support Cruiser

Republique of France - Lyon Class Frigate

On land...

Republique of France - Masaulle Class Mobile Airfield (with Tiny Flyer Tokens)

Republique of France - Hotch 'FT-12' Class Small Tank

And in the air...

Republique of France - Furieux Class Scoutship

Republique of France - Frelon Class Small Flyer

Republique of France - Voltaire Class Heavy Interceptor

This is a pretty fantastic set of very well painted releases. Once again the new techniques for creating their models has paid off as these are great sculpts. I constantly love the mix of the Victorian and the ultra modern with their awesome energy weapons mounted on the hulls of their vessels.

Will you be adding these to your French armada?

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