Frostgrave: Blood Legacy Available This Week From Osprey Games

December 8, 2021 by brennon

Osprey Games are releasing the brand new supplement for Frostgrave 2nd Edition this week. Blood Legacy expands your options for this 28mm Fantasy skirmish wargame with vampiric magic and the giant-blooded!

Blood Legacy - Frostgrave

Blood Legacy // Frostgrave

Here is some of the background on this new book...

"In the days of ancient Felstad, vampires kept to the shadows, their small numbers no match for the power of the city's wizards. But when the cataclysm struck, the wizards were destroyed, while the deathless vampires went into a frozen hibernation. Now, as the city thaws, so to do its undead inhabitants. The masters of the night are rising again: reoccupying their hidden strongholds, reforming their old cabals, and finding new victims to serve as their thralls. The destruction of the old city has brought one other boon to the vampires - giant's blood. While giants used to live out of reach to the far north, in the intervening millennium, they have descended on the city in large numbers. Their blood is like an elixir to the vampires, filling them with strength and magical power. A new war is forming between these two ancient races, and once again, the wizards of Frostgrave are caught in the middle."

The new book features sections given over to creating Vampires and Fire Giant Wizards (how cool is that?!) alongside a new set of soldiers that you might want to include alongside your new leaders.

There is an entire campaign included as well set around Eventide Manor (with a terrain kit coming out from Kromlech) and another set within The Caves Of Fin Dalka. Two big campaigns should be plenty for those playing out games of Frostgrave with their groups at gaming clubs and at home.

The second of these scenarios is focused around very high-level Wizards and their warbands (also a subject of this supplement) which might also be handy for those who have been playing for a year.  There is also a full bestiary, new spells and more for you to dive into if you just want more miniatures to collect! A solid option for those who have made Frostgrave their go-to game.

Are you going to be checking out Blood Legacy?

"A solid option for those who have made Frostgrave their go-to game..."

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