A Gang of Peasants Join Sphere Wars’ Cursed of Malakoy

May 2, 2014 by dracs

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A gang of undead peasants has risen to join the crew of Sphere Wars' Cursed of Malakoy.

Peasants Gang

According to Sphere Wars, these peasants once fought for the Malakoy before they were betrayed, and now rise to fight for them again, ready to die for them if necessary. I would say that seems somewhat redundant, looking at them.

Malakoy Peasant

Malakoy Peasant 2

Malakoy Peasant 3

The interesting thing about these models is that, while they are basically undead plebs, they each have a distinct sense of character and individuality. I really like the models and would be tempted to pick them up to use as mindless zombies in Malifaux, as well as for Sphere Wars itself.

Can any of you who play Sphere Wars tell us anything about the Cursed of Malakoy?

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