Gangfight Head Down To Blackwater With Wilde’s Rangers

May 30, 2014 by brennon

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Gangfight Games are heading down to Blackwater Gulch once again with an awesome new set of Wild West adventurers, Wilde's Rangers. The release wouldn't be right however without both Clinton Wales & Marshall Stewart signing up as Hired Guns too...

Wilde's Rangers

Clinton Wales & Marshall Stewart

I think the releases are getting pretty awesome from these guys and the pull of the Wild West is getting stronger and stronger. I think what may have tipped it over the edge was seeing that pretty epic gatling gun being part of the Wilde Ranger crew. Why go small when you can go big and death-spitty?

Of the Hired Hands I think Marshall Steward (right) is coolest but Clinton Wales is also pretty epic.

What do you think of their range?

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