Para Bellum Give Us Hints Of The Apocalypse In Conquest Fluff

May 11, 2018 by brennon

The team at Para Bellum Wargames has put together some fluff for you to get stuck into today. This concerns the Apocalypse so it deserves your attention!

Four Horsemen #1 - Conquest

The Four Horsemen

“For the Old Faith, they were simply Marduk, Enkil, Anuk and Atrahos, forefathers of the very Pantheon that would ultimately overthrow them with the help of the Dragons. The Dweghom had named them, and still do, the Dhaitan, Primordial Titans of immense size and cosmic power, a term many tributary tribes of the Old Dominion had adopted and which is still used by some City States.

Four Horsemen #2 - Conquest

The term ‘Horsemen’ did not appear but much later, in the Epiphanies of prophet Elius, who named them Famine, War, Death and Conquest respectively and foretold their return from their prisons to resume the War of Hosts. Rather than argue with the ramblings of a madman, many seek instead to grasp the secrets of their pasts. Fortunately for us, all objective knowledge of these beings passed with the last Dragon…”

Sophides, “Rational Faith”, 482 P.R.

This all sounds very ominous indeed and certainly delves deeper into some of the religious undertones to Conquest.

Four Horsemen #3 - Conquest

The artwork for all of these godly creatures is very much sparking my interesting in delving deeper into the lore of this game. I very much want to see Para Bellum make models for these too, even if they are as aspects of their greater self.

Four Horsemen #4 - Conquest

Make sure to let us know if the world of Para Bellum has sucked you in and indeed what more you'd like to know about their Fantasy game.

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"I very much want to see Para Bellum make models for these..."

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