Greebo Games Announce Pinkings Fantasy Football Team

January 18, 2019 by cassn

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Greebo Games have released images of their Pinkings Fantasy Football Team miniatures and they range from adorable to 'this is how Planet of the Pinkings' begins.

Let's start with the cutesy. These Pinkings are just rolling around, doing their thing. Look, one of them wants to be a Viking, that's absolutely adorable.


Wait. Is that a slaughtered wolf pelt? Is that one foaming at the mouth? This is worrying, but at least they're only little.

AHHHHHH...right then. Just give him whatever fish he wants. This is what happens when you accidentally leave protein powder lying around the zoo. Absolute unit.

These new Pinkings would make an incredibly cool (see what I did there?) Fantasy Football Team which will ensure you never look at Pingu the same way again. You can have a closer look through Greebo Games on Facebook!

What animal do you think should get the Greebo Games FFT treatment?

"Absolute unit!"

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