Green Ronin Release Threefold Supplement For Modern AGE

September 11, 2019 by brennon

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Green Ronin Publishing has now released their new supplement for Modern AGE which introduces their new world, Threefold. The new book is ready to be picked up soon!

Threefold Supplement Cover - Green Ronin

Here are the basics of what you can expect with Threefold...

"Beyond the modern world, with its magical and technological secrets, other planes of existence beckon. Gates connect alternate Earths to mystic Otherworlds and demon-ruled Netherworlds. Will their threefold secrets bring hope or horror? That’s for your heroes to decide. Threefold is a new original setting for the Modern AGE roleplaying game, designed to support adventures using virtually any genre or character type all within the same grand Metacosm. Explore and protect countless worlds as a member of the interplanar Sodality, or manipulate bizarre alternate histories as a cyborg agent of Aethon. Heroes contend with everything from soul-stealing criminals, to transplanar empires."

I like the idea that this world is linked together through lots of different McGuffins to create a dynamic and different world than I've personally seen before. I love the idea that the campaign setting blends together these different elements to allow for a mix of magic and science-fiction for example.

It should hopefully mean that there will be all sorts of interesting stories to tell! Modern AGE is a nicely refined take on their mechanics first seen in the Dragon Age RPG which I think is a great first introduction to roleplaying thanks to its simple to learn gameplay elements.

Will you be snapping up Threefold?

"Will you be snapping up Threefold?"

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