New House Goritis Minis Draw Blades For Wrath Of Kings

December 5, 2014 by brennon

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CoolMiniOrNot's Wrath of Kings welcomes two more deadly blade masters to House Goritis in Wrath of Kings through another preview over on Kickstarter for the successful campaign. See what you think of both Gregorio Don Sissora and Duchess Monica von Loukris...

Gregorio Don Sissora #1

Gregorio Don Sissora #2

Duchess Monica von Loukris #1

Duchess Monica von Loukris #2

Gregorio is one of the only male vampires in the Empire and comes with a pair of rather clunky looking wings to help him swoop around on the battlefield if needs be. He has a little bit of a Castlevania vibe about him and I like that despite his dapper attire he's got that big ol' sword to swing around.

Monica on the other side makes no illusions as to what she's up to. She's a fighting through and through with not only blades in hand but on her back as well. She is known as the Dragon Slayer and certainly looks like she could handle a drake or two.

What do you think of these two additions?

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