Kromlech Tease More Greenskin Goodness For Orktober 2021!

July 6, 2021 by brennon

Kromlech is already getting excited for Orktober 2021. Their newest teaser trailer gives us a hint at what's coming in the form of the Host Of Dredsmasha.

Host Of Dredsmasha Teaser // Kromlech

There's not much to go on right now but I would assume we're going to get something big and nasty. The spanner in the middle of the logo and the cog around the outside speaks to me of more Mek-based goodness. I would love to see them do more characters that bodge and bash! Maybe some vehicles too?

Are you going Orky for 2021? With new releases from Games Workshop on the way and Kromlech gearing up for something big, it seems a good time to be an Ork lover. Watch out for more teasers throughout the Summer.

What would you like to see?

"Are you going Orky for 2021?"

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