Learn AT-ST Tactics With New Expansion For FFG’s Star Wars: Legion

January 15, 2018 by brennon

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When it comes to scale, the folks at Fantasy Flight Games have certainly got it right with the massive AT-ST Expansion for Star Wars: Legion which will be coming shortly after the game's launch.

Star Wars Legion - AT-ST Expansion

The expansion box comes with an AT-ST which dwarfs the model from Star Wars: Imperial Assault. As well as the model you'll get all of the appropriate tokens, upgrade cards and more to fit it in with your growing army.

Star Wars Legion - AT-ST Scale

Coming in at around 195 points when you build your army, it takes up a large chunk of your 800 point limit for a standard game. So, if you're going to use one then you need to make it worth the investment.

The only way to get through its armour with regular gunfire is to roll those criticals so it's going to take some special anti-vehicle weapons to punch through that armour as it rampages across the battlefield.

You can get into its blindspot however as shots into the rear of the AT-ST can be converted to punch through armour - still, this is no pushover!

It comes armed with all manner of special weapons and when you give it the character upgrade of General Weiss you can unleash hell.

What do you think of their AT-ST?

"...when you give it the character upgrade of General Weiss you can unleash hell"

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