Leika Is Available To All From Arena Rex

May 5, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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Leika the Zephyri Gladiator is a new release for Arena Rex from Red Republic Games.

She was originally available during Adepticon this year and now is available to all who could not make it to Chicago. This is how she is described:

"Many describe the munera as cruel but beautiful sport – a world more than befitting Leika’s temperament.  Known for a beauty matched only by her vanity and contempt for the well-being of others, Leika often spends her nights in feast-halls carousing.

Her mocking of suitors and boasters alike ensures that more of her winnings are spent on repairs for the halls than on meat and mead. Despite all this, she seems always to emerge unscathed and fresh for even early morning sparring."

If she doesn't sound like a bad-ass I do not know what does.

Arena Rex is a beautiful game not only for its exquisite miniatures but gameplay as well. If you have not had a chance to play or even see a demo game, then you might want to check out our video from Adepticon last year here.

Have you tried Arena Rex yet?

"If she doesn't sound like a bad-ass I do not know what does..."

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