Lion Tower Preview Sculpt For Wrathborn’s Shadow Stalker

May 2, 2018 by brennon

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The first of the female miniatures for Wrathborn, the Shadow Stalker, has been previewed by the sculptors at Lion Tower Miniatures. Take a peek at this new Lycanfiend model below.

Lycanfiend Shadow Stalker #1 - Wrathborn

She is a lot sleeker than her male counterparts. I would potentially have gone with a shaggier look to her fur but I think that it works and makes for a point of difference between her and the others.

Lycanfiend Shadow Stalker #2 - Wrathborn

The cloak and hood combination is also something that I heartily approve of. I really like hoods on miniatures and they not only help stop me from having to paint hair, but they just look cool! I'm not a fan of her foot-on-rock syndrome stance and instead maybe would have had her crouched a little lower, working off that 'stalker' moniker a little more.

Either way though, an awesome new Lycanfiend. More werewolves on the tabletop is never a bad thing.

What do you think?

"More werewolves on the tabletop is never a bad thing..."

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