LITKO Mount Up Your RPG Characters on New Creatures

October 16, 2014 by dracs

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LITKO have had a range of character mount tokens for a while now, giving you a useful set to show your character model mounted without having to buy a new mini entirely.

LITKO Bear Mounts

LITKO Pony Mounts

Now it looks like they are preparing to expand this with even more creatures.

LITKO New Mounts

The addition of the Hell Hound and Skeletal Steed are pretty cool. Now even evil adventuring parties don't have to leave their pets behind and can bring Undead Dobbin with them. However, for me the winner has to be the Terror Bird. I see that and can just picture my halfling character hanging on for dear life.

Do you like LITKO's range of mounts? Are there any particular creatures you would like to see?

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