A M25 Combat Drone Hovers Slowly Through The Gates Of Antares

February 15, 2018 by dracs

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A new Concord heavy combat drone is hovering over Warlord's desk for Gates of Antares.


The M25 is a slow-moving beast of a machine. It may look sleek, but that armour can take a hit.

M25 Heavy Combat Drone

According to the preview post, the model is set to come as a mix of resin and metal, with a spotter alongside it. It also comes with a Compression Canon and a Plasma Bombard.

M25 Heavy Combat Drone Front

M25 Plasma Bombard Turret

These weapon options should allow you to put a serious dent into the enemy force, as well as the battlefield itself. They can suffer from the occasional misfire, but the M25's tough chassis should let it weather any problems.

Are you looking forward to seeing this drone get released in a few months?

"It may look sleek, but that armour can take a hit..."

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