McCullough Talks Future For Rangers Of Shadow Deep

March 1, 2019 by brennon

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Joseph A. McCullough has been talking about the future of Rangers Of Shadow Deep, the solo (and cooperative) miniatures game that released towards the end of last year.

Concept Art - Rangers Of Shadow Deep

Two new expansions/supplements are on the way for the game, expanding the story and narrative of Rangers Of Shadow Deep beyond the core rulebook and Blood Moon. The first of these is Tomb Of Madness which should be available in March.

The first half of the book will talk about new magic options for Rangers and their companions as well as new heroic abilities, companions and equipment which focus on Spellcasting. There will also be a four-scenario mission included which is akin to a dungeon crawl. One of the neat things talked about is the addition of some puzzle mechanics being thrown in there too.

As well as that Ghost Stone will also be arriving perhaps later in the year. Again this is divided up into two main parts with the first being another four-scenario mission where you take control of two different Ranger bands. One is at starting level and other more experienced from their previous adventures. Scenarios will be linked where the outcome of one will affect the other and it should help heighten the narrative tension.

Also included within Ghost Stone will be a collection of fifty-two new unique weapons which can be found and used by your Rangers. As with any good magical weapon they will have to spend time working out their properties to unlock their full potential.

Not entirely fleshed out but still, on the horizon, there is also The Menagerie. This isn't the finished title for this particular expansion but it will add two new scenarios into the mix alongside a list of animal companions for your Rangers to call upon.

The future is looking bright for Rangers Of Shadow Deep and I can't wait!

Will you be checking these out?

"The future is looking bright for Rangers Of Shadow Deep and I can't wait!"

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