More Miniatures Hit The Dropsite for Firestorm Planetfall

January 9, 2015 by dracs

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Firestorm Planetfall was without doubt one of the most exciting new games of last year, but Spartan Games haven't dropped the ball with it and have released a bunch of images showing off the different helixes that will go together to make your army.

Relthoza Heavy Armour Helix

Directorate Core Helix

Directorate Heavy Armour Helix

Sorylian Collective Heavy Armour Helix

Aquan Prime Core Helix

Aquan Prime Heavy Armour Helix

Terran Alliance Heavy Armour Helix

Dindrenzi Federation Heavy Armour Helix

Seeing all these helixes laid out like this certainly gears you up for their final release. Spartan Games have managed to come up with some of the coolest and most imaginative scifi vehicles currently in gaming. My personal favourite has to be the sleek, dangerous grace of the Aquan Prime miniatures.

Of course, Firestorm Armada isn't going unloved as Spartan have also published this image for the upcoming two player battle box Storm Zone: Return of the Overseers.

Storm Zone Return of the Overseers

This, along with the currently existing Firestorm Armada two player set Battle for Valhalla, promises to provide the perfect entry point for players new to the game and its universe, with beautiful miniatures and intriguing game accessories. I particularly like the inclusion of that light wall, I wonder what scenarios it will be a part of.

Do you plan on giving Firestorm Planetfall a go? Does the promise of a new two player battle box entice you to try Firestorm Armada?

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